Cool Tool Tuesday I

Cool Tool Tuesday I

I’ve decided to begin a weekly blog entry called “Cool Tool Tuesday” check back weekly for a quick one paragraph introduction to a featured security tool.


So on with this week’s tool (which I actually featured last week on my twitter account – follow me! @techbytom)



A great tool that really is cool. Use it to unlock Windows, OS X, and Linux machines through a FireWire port using the SBP-2 Direct Memory Access feature. Go ahead and check if your computer is susceptible, FireWire ports are often marked as IEEE 1394 on non-Apple hardware. But wait, there’s more! FireWire ports can even be added with adapter cards in interfaces like PCMCIA card, ExpressCard slots and Apple’s ThunderBolt ports. This tool is used by installing it on a UNIX PC (I recommend BackTrack, but bring your own UNIX flavor if you choose).

For more info, and for the download link, check out Carsten Maartmann-Moe’s site here:

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